Pi-Slices - Artist Interview Series - Electric Objects


Vancouver, Canada
Asteroid Belt from Pi-Slices's new Art Club collection, Space

“Display Space to set up a microcosmic universe on your wall and explore the great abyss.”

— Alex, Electric Objects
Can we see a picture of your workspace and/or desktop?
Where are you typing this from?
What do you watch/listen to while working?

I have a Spotify Playlist that I add to when I find new music. Some current favourites are Foals, Kendrick Lamar, Baauer, Fin, Pusha T, Purity Ring, RÜFÜS, and Geotheory.

What have you been working on lately?

Mostly commission work, as well as continuing to make a GIF every single day as a personal project (pislices.ca).

What work of yours are you most proud of?

I’ve been making a bunch of short video loops recently, and I really like how those are turning out. Otherwise, I made a couple cover artworks for Monstercat in the past that I am really happy with.

What tools do you use in your work?

Cinema 4D / Photoshop / After Effects

Can you tell us about your process?
Any last advice for the folks just starting out?

Make something every day.

Top Five Most Influential Visuals
What are the best places to see your work?
Favorite file formats?

.gif / .c4d / .mp3

What sites do you visit for inspiration?

Tumblr / Reddit / Vimeo

Whose work do you follow?

Basically every GIF artist on Tumblr. Some current favourites are sutureblue, protobacillus, mildvibe, and dodogifs.

What are your favorite galleries, museums, exhibits, etc.?

It isn’t a physical space, and moderate bias because I am one of its curators, but Cross Connect consistently puts out quality posts showing off some of the best artists around.

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