Eno Swinnen - Artist Interview Series - Electric Objects

Eno Swinnen

Ghent, Belgium
0 ~ 100 / Number 1 from Eno Swinnen's new Art Club collection, 0 ~ 100

“In 0 ~ 100 Eno pairs drawings representing a beginning and an end––the 0 and the 100. The rest of the story comes entirely from the viewer’s imagination.”

— Alex, Electric Objects
Can we see a picture of your workspace and/or desktop?
Where are you typing this from?
What do you watch/listen to while working?
What have you been working on lately?

Sketch for short film (I'm writing a script for a short)

What work of yours are you most proud of?

gifs of my Earthly - Glaze video

What tools do you use in your work?
Can you tell us about your process?
Any last advice for the folks just starting out?
Top Five Most Influential Visuals
Favorite file formats?

Gifs! H264 avi’s and a nice .tiff after sketching / scanning in frames.

What are the best places to see your work?

I guess my tumblr? Though I’ve been posting to instagram a bit more, and my music videos are on Vimeo. So basically all over, I guess.

What sites do you visit for inspiration?

I think music works most inspiring for me, but I visit Daylen’s instagram often to see how good she is and it makes me want to do better.

Whose work do you follow?
What are your favorite galleries, museums, exhibits, etc.?

My social network feeds!

Thanks for the interview,