Kenaim - Artist Interview Series - Electric Objects


Phoenix, AZ

“Deep in the deserts of Arizona, Kenaim synthesizes analog and digital media to build his mesmerizing and elaborate motion paintings.”

— Alex, Electric Objects
Can we see a picture of your workspace and/or desktop?
What work of yours are you most proud of?
Can you tell us about your process?

I wish I could but I don't have a real process. I just work. I work on visuals all day, from project to project… So the result is work but the only process I know is not giving myself time to talk myself out of doing things. I've spent a lot of the past few years trying to exorcise the things that make me lazy. I wake up early, go to bed late, exercise hard a few days a week, and I eat lots of oatmeal. So I guess my process is building a routine around my world that allows me to perform at the level I want (and that level will probably always be out of my reach).

What do you watch/listen to while working?

Mostly nothing but when I do, lots of rap, kuwait, glob, nature videos, and horror movies!

Can you recommend an upcoming visual app everyone should be on the lookout for?

Sure! Lumen is a very interesting analog style video synth. I used it to create some of the parts in this collection. Its an excellent way to start to wrap your head around what it means to draw with vertical and horizontal lines in motion.

What have you been working on lately?

Designing live visuals!

Commissions for music videos, music videos, music videos!

Therapy Fantasy, a 30 minute guided av slow dive into positive self thinking.

EO Fantasy!

Printmaking w Fragments!

Playing live shows!

Being the visualist for Glob!

Making music as Kuwait!

Petting my dog Charlie!

Any advice for folks just starting out?

The only way you're actually getting better is by creating volumes of work. The key to creating volumes of work is enjoying the process of working on something. Then just do that obsessively for years and years and years!

Top Five Most Influential Visuals
What are your favorite galleries, museums, exhibits, etc.?

In PHX there is a great experimental venue called, TrunkSpace. Besides that idk, the Phoenix / Contemporary Art Museums around here need to get on their Kenaim collections asap...

What's the best place to see your work?

big pieces: on the EO1

small prints:



Whose visual work do you follow?
Favorite file formats?

.gif + + + .png

Thanks for the interview,