Lauryn Siegel - Artist Interview Series - Electric Objects

Lauryn Siegel

Brooklyn, NY
TWISTED ONE from Lauryn Siegel's Art Club collection, IT'S YOUR MOVE

“IT’S YOUR MOVE is a direct reflection of Lauryn's dynamism: an effervescent potpourri of vibrant worlds and 3D scenes.”

— GG, Electric Objects
Can we see a picture of your workspace and/or desktop?

EO: WORKSPACE@ from L. SIEGELon Vimeo.

this is a shot of one of my collaborators at my studio desk. ft. music by Teengirl Fantasy aka friend of Dimensions Studio

Where are you typing this from?

several different places over several different days. the bulk of it from a freelance gig for a content production company that shall not be named which is what i do to pay for my computer + caffeine + art addiction.

What do you watch/listen to while working?
What work of yours are you most proud of?

My most recent music video collaboration with Brooklyn-based art synth geniuses Xeno & Oaklander here


Also featuring some animation help from EO cohort Christopher Golden of The Studio Gold.

What tools do you use in your work?


Can you tell us about your process?

My process is mostly improvisational. I got into 3D and related technologies because I was frustrated with the amount of time, money and manpower involved in putting together even the most basic of video shoots. I generally see the artwork I make on my own or with one other person (as opposed to larger productions I engage in for the video/film stuff I also do) as a chance to experiment and be somewhat zen. I use digital art as a way to zone out and try things based on compelling things i see online or in the world. Or to channel feelings I have. For this reason having things like due dates, exhibits, have alluded me to some degree. That said, I am interested in being more intentional and one of the reasons I am drawn to collaboration is because it forces you to establish at least some kind of baseline concept or aesthetic guiding to work.

Any last advice for the folks just starting out?

Know your history, always be nice, get rid of whatever ego is lurking inside of you...Wish I had something more concrete, but a lifelong multi-hyphenate who is constantly re-inventing and self-teaching/learning I almost always feel like I am just starting out too. I have learned a lot from peers, colleagues and friends who are interested in dialoging and sharing. I would recommend that anyone starting out in any creative medium try and form alliances with like-minded souls who value people and ideas over competition and accolades. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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