Maria Chimishkyan - Artist Interview Series - Electric Objects

Maria Chimishkyan

New York, NY
Race Ya from Maria Chimishkyan's new Art Club collection, Infinite Play

“Maria's series visualizes the idea of infinite play, a practice that many artists engage with over the course of their careers.”

— Alex, Electric Objects
Can we see a picture of your workspace and/or desktop?
Where are you typing this from?


What do you watch/listen to while working?

Most recently it’s been something like:

What have you been working on lately?

Some show branding & evergreen clips for MTV News. Did a quick series of Teen PSAs you can see here.

What work of yours are you most proud of?
Can you tell us about your process?
Any last advice for the folks just starting out?

Keep it positive, find your strengths and polish them. Often it’s all about being persistent, busting your ass, and knowing without proof that you can pull something off. Make friends that you can discuss & grow with. It’s okay to change your mind. Pursue your curiosities whole-heartedly. Never ever discourage others’ work to confirm your own taste or value, instead simply do it by making great work.

Top Five Most Influential Visuals
Favorite file formats?


What are the best places to see your work?
What sites do you visit for inspiration?
Whose work do you follow?
What are your favorite galleries, museums, exhibits, etc.?

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